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Steve Robinson Owner / Pharmacy Manager

Generic Drugs

February 10, 2012


Generic Medications work the same as Brand name Medications.Generic drugs must provide the same consistent amounts of activeingredients into a patient’s bloodstream, measured over time. This measure is called bioequivalence. Both Generic and brand name medications are equal in strength, safety, quality and effectiveness. As a result they both provide the same therapeutic benefits.

Generic medications cost on average 60% less than the same Brand name medication. This is due to several factors. Generic drug companies do not incur the same level of development costs as brand name drug manufacturers. Generic drug manufacturers do not incur the same costs for clinical trials as brand name drug makers. In addition generic drug companies spend far less on marketing and advertising compared to brand name drug companies.

Older generic drugs have well known side effects and risks that doctors are familiar with , having used these medications on thousands of patients . Newer brand name drugs are not always better as physicians have less experience with these drugs, and side effects may not be as known.

Generic medications must pass the same quality tests as brand name medications. Health Canada inspects the companies that make generic drugs to ensure their manufacturing plants meet the same stringent quality standards as companies that manufacturer Brand name medications.

There is no conclusive proof that generic drugs cause more allergies or side effects than brand name drugs.

Using Generic medicine is one of the best ways to reduce healthcare costs. Provincial governments pay for approximately half of all dispensed prescription drugs. The utilization of generic drugs saves the government and tax paper’s money.

So ask your Pharmacist:

  1. Is this medicine a generic?

  2. Is there a generic version of my drug available?

  3. Can I substitute my medication with a generic?

  4. How much will I save under my prescription plan if I take the generic?

  5. Does the generic version look different from the brand name drug?

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